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Hohoho I’m back with more peekturesss πŸ˜€
Lu’s at HongKong having her second getaway with Mx for the month. How unfair! So here I am taking a break off the emails. Just 16 more days till the end, THE END OF ALL MISERY. Guess what I already have plans for the post-internship days. The first thing I need is to do something to my complexion! So gonna go facial for the first time of my life, thou I have no idea where! Will probably check out the one Xiaxue goes, any takers? πŸ™‚


presenting you the slumber party!

because it was linna’s birthday!

steamboat (: WE ARE THE COOLEST KIDS HAHA cos apart from lu everyone else was 24!!!

very serious game briefing

clock strikes 12, our slr went flat ):
but still happy happy birthday linna!

can you tell they are 24???? no right!the girls

and everyone else!

Thank you for the fun everyone! Especially morgan for making everything possible πŸ™‚
Back with more pics
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  1. Anonymous 9 years ago

    you are in trouble how about brenda and joyce? hahah they are not 24!

  2. Jolene Zhou 9 years ago

    oh yes jianing as well haha whos this!

  3. Desiree Tay 9 years ago

    Haha anyhow leh jojo! was stunned when i saw that sentence.. Cos Brenda joyce jianing sure dont look 24

  4. Anonymous 9 years ago

    hey ure 24 yrs old as well??

  5. Anonymous 9 years ago

    wow.. happen to read your blog. really cool one and company around you. haha..

  6. violentisgolden 9 years ago

    Desiree 72years old

  7. Anonymous 9 years ago

    you deserve a nipple slap dennis

  8. Jolene Zhou 9 years ago

    No man we are from the 1990s (:

  9. Anonymous 9 years ago

    hi there, may i know which farm did u get Taylor from? Ericsson or Pet movers? Will rly appreciate ur reply cos heard bad reviews on these farms :/ thanks alot!!

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