From GZ to HK

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Pardon the hiatus~
It seemed almost impossible to sit down to update the blog especially when I recently joined snapchat, where I spam all my daily crap on my story. So follow the bits and pieces of my everyday if you’re keen on @jolenezhou πŸ™‚

Pictures from the recent work trip where the best friend decided to join us. It’s always nice to have another company and when she’s so accommodating and spontaneous . In short, she’s that easy-going joker in my life.
Extended our trip to spend another day in HongKong where we had only 10hours but have so much we need to eat
First stop – Sing Heung Yuan for their famous tomato macaroni and pork bun —–> Lan Fong Yuen for Milk Tea —- > Oh! Cow for pretty ice cream —–> Ichiran at Causeway Bay for ramen and ended with Cold noodles at Argyle Centre.  

Not too sure if it can be viewed but I’ve added my snapchat videos I took that trip. So if you missed it πŸ˜‰ 

From GZ to HK
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  1. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Miss your blog updates! And… I guess the Zhou Sisters are now not affiliated to GC already! So sorry if this might offend you but I always thought that you guys will be different πŸ™‚

    Hope to see more of your updates!

  2. Jolene Zhou 4 years ago

    Thankyou! Will try to update more often <3

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